Knitted Retraction Cord - 100 inches (254cm) per bottle.

5 Cord Sizes Available

000 (0.4mm)

00 (0.5mm)

0 (0.8mm)

1 (1.0mm)

2 (1.3mm)

Kód: 779/000
249 Kč 206 Kč bez DPH
Kategorie: Ordinace
šířka: 000
| 779/000
249 Kč
206 Kč bez DPH
šířka: 00
| 779/00
249 Kč
206 Kč bez DPH
šířka: 0
| 779
249 Kč
206 Kč bez DPH
šířka: 1
| 779/1
249 Kč
206 Kč bez DPH
šířka: 2
| 779/2
249 Kč
206 Kč bez DPH


Unmedicated 100% pure cotton retraction cord. Knitted into thousands of tiny interlocking loops. Unique, knitted cord gently expands after packing to help aid in retraction. Ideal cord for creating full exposure of the margin which is the foundation for success in both conventional and digital dentistry. Recommended for use with Pascal’s hemostatic solutions - Gel Cord®, Gel Cord® Clear, Stat Gel® or Retrax Solution®

  • Unmedicated, 100% pure cotton knitted fibers knitted into interlocking chains to facilitate easy packing

  • Easy placement and packing, minimized fraying and unraveling

  • Memory free for precise placement and retention in the sulcus

  • Will not entangle with diamond burs

  • May be soaked in hemostatic of choice. Absorbs and transports hemostatic gels or liquids effectively

  • May be used will all impression materials

  • Available in five color-coded sizes for easy identification

  • Unique packaging prevents cord tangles and cord from falling back into bottle

Loose Fibers and Fraying can Interfere with the impression. Inflammation of the sulcus can be exacerbated due to contamination of sulcus wounds by residual filaments/ fibers of the cord. Pascal brand retraction cords have very few Loose Fibers or Fraying.