KATANA Zirconia - HTML PLUS - 14mm

Kód: 125-8922EU 125-8952EU 125-8982EU 125-9012EU 125-9042EU 125-9072EU 125-9102EU 125-9132EU 125-9162EU 125-9192EU 125-9222EU 125-9252EU 125-9282EU 125-9312EU Zvolte variantu
3 822 Kč 3 413 Kč bez DPH

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and improved translucency without compromising strength. It is made from completely new raw materials developed in-house and makes use of our established, valued and well-known multi-layered gradient technology (4-layer structure). „KATANATM Zirconia“ HTML PLUS is an outstanding material suitable for frameworks, cut-back designs and also for complicated implant structures where consistent strength is of utter importance.

“KATANATM Zirconia” HTML PLUS will replace “KATANATM Zirconia” HTML, which is still available, for as long as the remaining stock lasts.

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