K-ETCHANT Syringe Needle tips

Needle tip (20pcs)

Kód: 3253-EU
Značka: Kuraray Noritake
316 Kč 261 Kč bez DPH
Kategorie: Ordinace

K-ETCHANT Syringe is used to etch tooth enamel and dentin. It can as well be used to clean ceramics, hybrid ceramics and cured composites for adhesive restorations. The new K-ETCHANT Syringe etchant contains 35% phosphoric acid. Thanks to its thixotropic properties, you can apply the etching very precisely. The etching remains exactly where it is applied. This gives you full control over the application. With the new narrow (0.5 mm) 'needle tip' you apply with extreme precision. Etching has never been so precise!