Primer: 6 ml, Bond:5ml, 2*50 Disposable brush tips (white), 1 Brush tip handle (white), 1 Brush tip handle (black), Mixing dish, Light blocking plate, Outer case. 

Kód: 2870-EU
Značka: Kuraray Noritake
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Kategorie: Self-etch

The new two-step self-etch adhesive CLEARFIL™ SE Protect lets you virtually bond all restorations. Making this pioneering anti-bacterial adhesive future proof. You just apply the self-etch primer and the bond to create long lasting restorations.

With the all-new CLEARFIL™ DC Activator, a self-cure activator, you can use CLEARFIL™ SE Protect for bonded cementation and core build-up as well. CLEARFIL™ SE Protect has two extra technologies in comparison with CLEARFIL™ SE BOND. Long-term fluoride release and the MDPB monomer, which has an antibacterial cavity cleansing effect. CLEARFIL™ SE Protect destroys bacteria after contact with the MDPB monomer. The antimicrobial effect of CLEARFIL™ SE Protect is biologically safe because the monomer MDPB is fixed in the adhesive layer. More than 20 years ago adhesive dentistry was changed forever with CLEARFIL™ LINER BOND II as the world's first self-etch adhesive. Followed by the world’s first antibacterial self-etch adhesive CLEARFIL™ PROTECT BOND in 2004. CLEARFIL™ SE Protect is built upon this unique heritage.


• First and still the only self-etching, antibacterial adhesive in the world
• The primer contains 5% antibacterial monomer (MDPB), which shows high antibacterial property
• Tried and proven 2-step self-etching bonding system
• Prevents post-operative sensitivities
• Fast and simple use
• High bond strength to enamel and dentin


• Direct restorations using light-cured composite resin or compomer
• Cavity sealing as a pre-treatment for indirect restorations
• Treatment of hypersensitive and/or exposed root surfaces
• Intraoral repairs of fractured crowns/bridges made of porcelain, hybrid ceramics or composite resin using light-cured composite resin
• Surface treatment of prosthetic appliances made of porcelain, hybrid ceramics and cured composite resin
• Core build-ups using light- or dual-curing composite resin
• Cavity sealing under amalgam restorations