4 ml

Kód: 061-EU
Značka: Kuraray Noritake
2 023 Kč 1 672 Kč bez DPH
Kategorie: Ordinace

CLEARFIL™ PORCELAIN BOND ACTIVATOR is a product used for the creation of a silane layer which in combination with CLEARFIL™ S³ BOND, the primers of CLEARFIL™ SE BOND, the primer of CLEARFIL™ PROTECT BOND, the primers of CLEARFIL™ LINER BOND 2V, CLEARFIL™ PHOTO BOND or CLEARFIL™ NEW BOND, guarantees high bond strength. The fresh mixture can be applied directly onto the surface of restorations made of ceramic, hybrid ceramic or composite resin to improve the bond strength, then start adhesion procedure as usual. The adhesion system is convenient, uncomplicated, economical and time-saving.