Tap & Slide® Liquid Cold Sterilant/Disinfection Tray

Liquid Cold Sterilant/Disinfection Tray. Recommended for use with Banicide Plus or other glutaraldehyde solutions.

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  • Designed with your safety in mind

  • Inner plastic instrument tray automatically raises out of the solution when the lid is opened, allowing the instruments to drain before the tray is removed

  • Swing-out handle allows removal of instruments without user coming in direct contact with solution

  • Holds one quart

  • Designed with a unique “tailgate” feature for easy unloading of instruments

  • Outside dimensions: 10” W x 3” H x 5” D

  • Interior Tray dimensions: 9” L x 4” W x 1” D

  • Tap & Slide Tray is not compatible with phenolic solutions