Gel Cord® 25% Aluminum Sulfate Light Blue Gel Pro Pack (12 Syringe Applicators, 12 Tips)

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Excellent retraction, hemostatic control and tissue rigidity

  • Recommended for anterior restorations.

  • Provides ultimate visibility

  • Makes initial cord packing easier by providing lubrication when packing cord, allowing the cord to glide into the sulcus.

  • Gliding action and applying less force while packing helps reduce the chance of damage to the periodontal ligament

  • Stays where you place it - will not run or dilute like competitive liquid astringents

  • Unique thick gel concentrates the medicament to control bleeding faster and longer.

  • Compatible with all types of retraction cord, medicated or unmedicated

  • Great for Class V Restorations

  • Compatible with all impression materials. No distortions.

  • Pleasant raspberry flavor for greater patient acceptance.bvhPro Pack 12 (Syringe Applicators) (0.75g per each)