DIATECH Lab Finishing&Polishing Kit for BRILLIANT Crios

Kód: 60021819
Značka: Coltene
2 956 Kč 2 443 Kč bez DPH
Kategorie: Laboratoř

This kit contains a range of burs and polishers that are needed for labside finishing and polishing of BRILLIANT Crios, the composite blocks from COLTENE. The DIATECH polishers achieve a high luster polishing result.

Step 1: Adjustment and finishing


  • Grinding off sprue with a fine diamond bur (860-104-012-5-F).
  • Finish of the sprue and, if necessary, of other surfaces with a flame shaped polisher (2303RA).

Step 2: Prepolishing and high luster polishing

  • Prepolishing and high luster polishing of the occlusal surface, buccal and palatal with the 1step system DIATECH Diashine Compomant Plus (9104HP and 9121HP).
  • Please use  an elevated pressure for prepolishing and reduced pressure for high luster polishing.