DiaShine® LUCIDA Composite Gloss System Intro Kit

Značka: Diashine
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In Italian, Lucida means polished and full of light. 

We are proud to join the Style Italiano Community and introduce the Lucida Composite Gloss System - the latest development project for new and seasoned dentists created and powered by Style Italiano and DiaShine. This complete solution includes Lucida Polishing Compound for chairside use, Disposable Lucida Star Felts and autoclavable Latch Mandrels. The thickness of the Lucida Felts allow you to not only polish facially, but interproximally and occlusally. Lucida Felts are disposable and offer a desired intermittent touch with rounded points. Lucida Polish is completely water soluble and will give you that reliable final gloss on composites and other restorative materials.