CLEARFIL™ AP-X Shade Guide X11

Světlem tuhnoucí rentgenkontrastní univerzální kompozitní materiál, který kombinuje přesné barevné odstíny, vynikající leštitelnost a pozoruhodné fyzikální rysy. Díky těmto vlastnostem je použitelný pro výplně do frontálního i postranního úseku. Složení zajišťuje optimální viskozitu, takže je snadno leštitelný a aplikovatelný.

CLEARFIL™ AP-X is a light-curing, radiopaque universal composite resin which combines accurate color matching, best polishing qualities, and outstanding physical features. Thanks to these properties, it is suitable for both anterior and posterior tooth restorations. Its composition ensures optimum viscosity so that it can easily be polished and layering is simple.

Kód: -935-EU
Značka: Kuraray Noritake
845 Kč 698 Kč bez DPH
Kategorie: Ordinace

5 convincing advantages of CLEARFIL™ AP-X

1. High wear resistance: CLEARFIL™ AP-X is a micro-hybrid composite heavy filled with fine barium glass particles in high density by 86 wt% (70 vol%). This is one of the reasons for the unusually high wear and fracture resistance performed by CLEARFIL™ AP-X. A truly convincing value for durable posterior restorations.

2. Excellent polishability: The high number of fine filler particles (smallest 0.04 μm) provides excellent polishability. As an effect esthetic results can be achieved, perfectly suited for challenging anterior restorations.

3. Low polymerization shrinkage: In addition, the high dense filler content is one of the reasons for a very low polymerization shrinkage of 1.9 % which reduces stress forces against cavity walls

dramatically. As an effect the risk of postoperative sensitivities and secondary caries due to marginal leakage is limited.

4. Visible radiopacity: The absence of marginal gaps can easily be followed- up as the material offers excellent radiopacity for x-ray evaluations due to its high percentage in barium glass particles.

5. Easy handling: With a special non-sticky formula, CLEARFIL™ AP-X does not stick to any instruments or contact matrix. On the one hand the material offers convenient adaptation towards additional composite layers and is therefore optimally suited for anterior restorations. On the other hand the consistency of CLEARFIL™ AP-X is more than adequate to allow precise shaping in posterior areas. Convenient PLTs improve the application process and ensure hygienic treatment.