BlockButler - Block Storage & Organiser

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100 Hole.-The BlockButler is designed by Dr. Paul Moore, a Cerec trainer and dentist . The Blockbutler is made to organise,  the storage system is a  simple stock control system to help the needs of the dentist or lab to organize. Our patented resilient silicon board will bring a smile to every Cad-Cam dentist, and technician who has struggled to keep the ever increasing array of ceramic blocks in a sensible layout at a sensible price. The product is simple, flexible and elegant in design. The Blocks don't fall out, making it easy to organise and also to see what you have in stock. The BlockButler looks very creative on the Cad/CAM dentist wall- a piece of art!! to enjoy. The Blockbutler can also be stored in a drawer- they are strong and durable , making for ease of movement from place to place too. Enjoy our creative invention- this is what dentist do in there free-time!


“It’s a simple silicon board with great design to grip the chucks of the Cad Cam blocks. It can be used for either wall mounting or as drawer storage. It easily manages the display of the entire stock that a dentist or laboratory might need.”- Dr. Dan Mathews, GP, New York, USA.